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About InterStar Translations

Our Clients Say: “Prompt and accurate written translations, professionally composed interpreters, very accessible and accommodating service.” Human Rights Foundation, NYC

Some people love adrenaline, we love language interpretation, we live it and breathe it, and there is nothing in the world that is more thrilling, especially simultaneous interpretation in the booth at a large conference!

usa mapThe company owner – who is a professional language interpreter himself – is an interpreter trainer and wrote a book on voice training for interpreters. He regularly conducts training seminars for colleagues with various working languages in the USA and other countries.  

We are a San Francisco, USA based language interpretation and translation company. With more than 20 years of professional interpretation and translation experience, the team behind InterStar Translations is widely recognized as a leader in the field of business-oriented translation and interpreting. We provide services for multiple languages.


InterStar Translations has successfully expedited language interpretation for a wide range of industries: politics and human rights, engineering and computer gaming, energy, legal, banking and finance, and many more.

Some translation firms simply act as a hub between freelancers and clients. In those cases, the vetting process may be glossed over, and companies suffer from inexperienced interpreters or consultants without the proper background to handle complex technical information.

The InterStar Translations difference stems from the way the company is run and how interpreters are assigned. We also have special expertise in conference interpretation both consecutive and simultaneous interpretation.

Because our San Francisco based language company is owned and operated by an industry veteran and a professional interpreter himself, projects are approached from a real-world customized perspective. Individual interpreters are assigned based on numerous factors: industry, volume and complexity of technical or legal information, location, etc.

This allows InterStar Translations to achieve the highest levels of quality control — and it ensures that each and every client can walk into a presentation, conference room, or lecture hall with complete confidence. In short, quality, accuracy, and technical complexity are not a concern with InterStar Translations.


Every Last Detail

bridgeFor large corporations seeking real-time conference interpretation, mid-size companies needing accurate translation of technical documents, government offices looking for cultural insight, and anything in between, our translation company gives each project a custom team of experts with specialized backgrounds.

Based out of San Francisco Bay Area in California, our translation company prides itself on being a globally capable consulting language interpretation services firm that prioritizes quality above all else.

The result is accurate translation that delivers your message clearly and concisely. Our motto is: we as interpreters will not fight your war for you, we will fight our war for you!

Get started today to make sure your next multi-lingual conference, meeting, or presentation runs as smoothly as possible — contact us for more information on how InterStar Translations’ many services can benefit you.

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