Seminars for Interpreters by Cyril Flerov


Cyril Flerov Teaching Experience:

1999 – 2001 and 2011 – 2016 Adjunct Professor and Visiting Professor, Monterey Institute of International Studies, Monterey, CA. Developed and taught courses in professional simultaneous and consecutive interpretation between Russian and English on a large variety of topics, including science and technology, politics and diplomacy, environment, economics, etc. Member of MIIS GSTILE Russian Professional Examinations Jury.  

1995 1998: Interpretation Instructor and Student Advisor for St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Languages, St. Petersburg, Russia.  

1990 to Present: Delivered (both in English and Russian) public and private talks and lectures for professional interpreters for:

  • International Association of Conference Interpreters, AIIC,
  • American Association of Language Specialists, TAALS,
  •  American Translators Association, ATA, 
  • Northern California Translators Association, NCTA
  • Association of Independent Judicial Interpreters of California, AIJIC,
  • California Federation of Interpreters, CFI, 
  • Monterey Institute of International Studies, MIIS, 
  • Chicago Area Translators and Interpreters Association, CHICATA, 
  • National Capital Area Translators Association, NCATA, 
  • Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia, Canada, STIBC, 
  • and others, 
  • as well as educational lectures about interpretation profession for general audiences, e.g. NASA.
  •  Provided advice and consultations to fellow Russian interpreters. 

Training Seminars:

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