Quality Conference Interpretation Services

Equipment used for conference interpretation services
Founded by an industry veteran with more than 25 years of professional interpretation experience and a member of the International Association of Conference Interpreters (AIIC), InterStar Translations is the premier business conference interpretation and translation service for major corporations and organizations around the globe.

AIIC International Association of Conference InterpretersInterStar Translations operates in the USA nationwide and worldwide and is capable of providing the expertise necessary for accurate interpretation and translation across even the most complex technical topics. With InterStar Translations at your side, your staff can focus on their core tasks of delivering marketing messages and technical information with complete confidence, regardless of the audience’s location, native language, or culture.

InterStar Translations’ Services Include:

Conference Interpretation Services

Conference simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services at professional conferences around the globe. The company owner is a member of AIIC – the International Association of Conference Interpreters.

Escort & Event Interpretation

Based on the client’s specific needs, InterStar Translations can perform consecutive interpretation between many languages and English at meetings, events, trade shows, and other business functions. In addition, InterStar Translations provides escort interpretation as needed for your business talks and meetings.

Interpretation Equipment Leasing

For conferences, trade shows, meetings, and business events, InterStar Translations leases out the latest cutting-edge wireless simultaneous interpretation equipment for conference interpretation services. We provide full service by providing both interpreters and equipment, so our clients do not have to worry about anything!

Text Translation & Localization

InterStar Translations’ experienced team of professional translators bridges the language gap between other languages and English in text and documentation, including complex technical topics and other specialized business needs.

Market Localization

Marketing teams can expand their reach with InterStar Translations’ translation staff of native speakers, ensuring that all materials are accurately edited, proofread, and localized.

Interpreter Assessment

As an independent consulting firm, our translation company provides objective assessments of simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for proficiency across numerous domains, including expertise in technical topics. Jointly with various professional interpreter associations  we run continuing education seminars for professional simultaneous conference interpreters.

Cultural Consulting

For businesses and organizations expanding into new markets for the first time, InterStar Translations provides individual consulting and in-depth seminars on the cultural knowledge needed for conducting business in a variety of regions. Our cultural consulting forte is Russia, Belarus and the CIS region.

Additional customized services are available. Contact InterStar Translations today to see how your company can effectively bridge language barriers across the spectrum of business-related purposes