Corporate Cultural Training for US Businesspeople Moving to Russia



Finding yourself in a new culture may be confusing at first.

Finding yourself in a new culture may be confusing at first.

InterStar Translations offers a 1 day onsite corporate cross-cultural training seminar for US businesspeople moving to work in Russia or a country of the former USSR.

Moving into a new country, even temporarily, is never easy. According to the Holmes and Rahe stress scale for adults the level of stress may be 20 out of possible 100, but it may also be exacerbated by other factors.

If your company is transferring employees to Russia, helping them adjust to the new culture is only fair. The management, colleagues and other employees, however, may be too busy with their routine duties, and sometimes the issues that expats may face are very subtle and difficult to pinpoint.

The role of a cross cultural consultant is to identify such weak spots, act as a go between or a messenger between two cultures. Such basic notions as perception of time, quality, friendship, openness may be significantly different and it is the job of a professional cultural consultant to explain the difference.

When you become aware of the difference, many actions, words and strategies your colleagues are using may be seen in a different light. Sometimes, miscommunication happens not because people disagree in principle, but because they use different cultural reference frames.

Corporate cultural training by InterStar Translations will help your English speaking managers, programmers, operators understand better various cross cultural concepts and how they can be used effectively in the Russian business environment. English speaking employees face a variety of very specific challenges, such as a different understanding of work/home balance, friendship, of how to interact with their managers and subordinates.

Russia cultural consultingWe gear our training towards various levels: senior management, management, operators, other workers as needed.   

Our 1 day onsite seminar covers:

–          difference in culture, use of language, business practices in the USA and Russia;

–          strategies to manage Russian and English language speaking employees: what is the difference?

–          how to reduce misunderstandings and costly mistakes in intercultural settings;

–          how to better predict and understand the behaviors and expectations of the Russian counterparts;

–          what are the typical difficulties you as an English speaking expat may encounter and what are the solutions?

The seminar is interactive and participants have ample opportunities to participate in exercises and ask questions.

One on one consultations are also available.

The seminar is run by a professional cross-cultural native Russian consultant with over 20 years of experience in cross- cultural communication.

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