Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental

simultaneous translation boothSimultaneous interpreting (or simultaneous interpretation, it is incorrect to call it “simultaneous translation”) is one of the most complex types of language use. Interpreters work with highly specialized wireless equipment and are seated in a soundproof cabin called “simultaneous interpreting booth.”

Simultaneous equipment is challenging to set up and operate correctly and not all audio technicians are properly trained in its proper use.  

InterStar Translations provides:

  • professional grade simultaneous interpretation equipment for any conference: small, large, or huge.
  • trained skilled audio technicians who specialize in simul equipment
  • audio equipment (wired or wireless microphones for speakers, PA systems, etc.)
  • full size walk-in booths or portable equipment (handheld transmitters and receivers). We do not supply lesser grade substandard tabletop booths: although they are cheaper, they distract the audience and are not comfortable for interpreters who need absolute concentration to perform well.  
  • audio and video recording, live webstreaming of your event.
simultaneous interpretation receivers

Wireless receivers for simultaneous interpretation

Our simultaneous interpretation equipment complies with ISO 4043, an international standard for such equipment that provides a set of requirements that allow interpreters to work at peak performance.

Live simultaneous interpretation services require a very high degree of reliability. Professional-grade equipment is more expensive, however, it is built to higher standards, it is designed to operate without issues in critical applications and it is thoroughly tested. Redundancy also gives you confidence that your event will be as trouble-free as possible: we always bring backups for critical pieces of hardware and systems.       

simultaneous interpreting headsetsWe recommend that you hire interpreters and rent simultaneous interpretation equipment through the same provider. Some AV companies or hotels provide simultaneous interpretation equipment, but the equipment is so highly specialized that not all AV companies have sufficient expertise in it. As a result, A-list interpreters may refuse to work in substandard conditions (for example in table-top booths instead of full-size booths), which will reduce your available pool of interpreters and—as a result—the quality of interpretation.

See more information about how simultaneous interpretation equipment works in our Blog.

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