Professional Consecutive Interpreting Services

consecutive interpreting services in a meeting

Thanks to your faithful and rapid consecutive translations of key conversations and exchanges, …participants were able to establish a rapport that will undoubtedly contribute to the productive implementation of projects…ICF Consulting Group

Consecutive language interpretation is convenient for smaller meetings, classes and training events, as well as business talks or interviews.

Consecutive interpreter repeats the passage after the speaker. A special note taking technique is used to jot down the speaker’s message and convey it accurately.

If you want to make your event more interactive and plan to engage the audience, consecutive interpretation may be preferable to simultaneous.

Consecutive interpretation exists in two configurations: long consecutive and short consecutive.

Long consecutive interpretation is more traditional and is used in more official or high level situations.  The segment to be interpreted can be up to 5-10 minutes and sometimes longer and the consecutive interpreter should use a special note taking system to capture the meaning of the speech.    

Short consecutive interpretation is more casual and is usually limited to one sentence (or even a part of a sentence) at a time. Notes are usually not taken by the interpreter and there is a greater strain from memory. 

speaker at conferenceAll professional interpreters must be able to work both in long and in short consecutive modes!

Training to be a consecutive interpreter includes text analysis, note taking skills, public speaking skills, among others.

InterStar Translations provides professional consecutive interpreters in the USA and worldwide for your event who will fully support your meeting and help you achieve your business goals.