Interpreting Headsets

simultaneous interpretationSimultaneous interpretation is done by using special equipment that includes receivers and interpreting headsets for delegates.

The headsets can be of different varieties and here are a few recommendations:

– Generally any headset that has a 3.5mm (1/8″) Male connector will do.

– The headset is connected to a simultaneous interpretation receiver.

– Your options for headsets are mono-aural or binaural. It means that you can listen to audio with one ear or both ears.

simultaneous interpreting headsetsOne ear interpreting headsets are more convenient if you need to listen to what is happening in the conference room as well, while if you want to concentrate on simultaneous interpretation, use the type of headset that covers both ears.

– If you use both ears it is more convenient, because your receiver does not have to be very loud. We tend to turn the volume higher if we listen with only one ear.

Speech intelligibility also improves when using both ears.

Feel free to bring your own headset if you feel more comfortable and use it as an interpreting headset.

InterStar Translations provides headsets for simultaneous interpretation in our simultaneous interpretation equipment service.