Rent Portable Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment in San Francisco, San Jose, and the Bay Area.

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Our portable transmitters and receivers are the highest quality professional equipment for simultaneous interpretation.

Renting portable simultaneous interpretation equipment is a good option for events when participants move a lot, for example, factory tours, visits of several office locations per day, bus tours, etc. It is sometimes called “translation equipment” but it is an incorrect term!


Called “bidule” in Europe, the simultaneous interpretation system consists of a portable handheld transmitter the simultaneous interpreter has and a number of receivers. For portable systems it is not recommended to exceed 40-50 receivers or sound quality may suffer.  

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We supply the equipment in a carrying case. Interpretation headsets, microphones for the interpreters and spare batteries are included into the rental cost.simultaneous interpretation equipment

All our equipment is 100% tested before delivery to you. We also include a spare simultaneous interpretation transmitter and a few receivers free of charge for backup and redundancy.    

receivers simultaneous interpretationIt is important to remember that while different brands of handheld simultaneous interpretation equipment abound, only some brands may be considered appropriate for professional use, namely, Listen Technologies and Williams Sound. They are designed to higher standards and manufactured with professional users in mind, and simultaneous interpreters have been relying on these brands for years.

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The transmitters and receivers are able to tolerate more “abuse” than consumer grade electronics and deliver much higher sound quality, which is important for such a critical application as professional simultaneous interpretation.

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