Spanish Translation Services in San Francisco

Spanish translation and interpretation services are in constant demand.

We offer:


English/Spanish Interpretation


InterStar Translations’ experienced staff provides English/Spanish interpretation services for meetings, conferences, negotiations, and other professional needs, including:

  • Simultaneous conference interpretation at conferences or seminars.
  • Consecutive/escort interpretation for trade shows, business meetings, and negotiations.
  • Interpretation equipment leasing for conferences and/or short-term events (factory visits, facility tours, training events, etc.)


Translation & Other English/Spanish Services

In addition to live interpretation, InterStar Translations can work with different aspects of written translation, including:

  • Text translation and editing of business documents, marketing materials, and technical/reference manuals.
  • Adaptation of copy and text for localization and targeted translation.
  • Cultural consultations for deeper understanding of the regional market.


Accurate and Experienced

With the burgeoning Spanish speaking markets, the accuracy of interpretation and translation is critical for global business purposes. InterStar Translations’ experienced professionals ensure that the finest details and exact meaning are always properly preserved, delivering a level of quality simply impossible for automated translation software. The result is a thorough, adaptable, and technology-friendly service that helps any business get the most out of the Spanish-speaking market.

Whether you’re negotiating an important international business deal or reaching out to a new marketplace at an industry trade show, InterStar’s Spanish/English services are certain to exceed expectations and produce results. For a free estimate contact InterStar Translations today.