Are You Cut to Be a Simultaneous Interpreter? Find Out!

(Duration: 15-20 minutes)

simultaneous translation boothSimultaneous interpretation is one of the most challenging exercises. We developed this little test to give you a taste of what it entails.


Students train at least for a couple of years to be able to start working professionally. There are many complicated skills and tasks.


To name just a few:

  • excellent command of all your working languages. Interpretation schools do not teach you foreign languages: your command of them should already be near native or at least flawless comprehension.


  • background knowledge – you need to know various kinds of terminology in all your working languages: political, scientific and technical, economic, etc. Learning specialized terminology is an integral part of interpreter education.


  • cognitive tasks – you need to be able to analyze the text you are interpreting and internalize a set of rules how to handle difficulties. Contrary to popular opinion, interpreters do not translate every word but extract meaning though they follow the original as closely as reasonably possible.


  • presentation skills – working on your voice, manners, professional delivery


  • stress management – high blood pressure is our occupational hazard, because interpretation is so stressful. Learning how to handle stress is another important part of interpreter education!


We have not scared you off yet? Then, try these English only exercises to see if you can be a simultaneous interpreter! Click the START button.