Conference Interpretation Services

Conference interpretation services is simultaneous or consecutive interpretation provided by a professional translation services agency at bilateral, multilateral or international conferences.


booth mic yayLanguage interpreters  support business and diplomatic communities and major international organizations in a variety of areas: politics, economics, business negotiations, discussion of various technical topics, development of standards, etc.


Careful selection of conference interpretation agencies and conference interpreters must happen especially for critical and very technical conferences.

Many best conference interpreters are members of the International Association of Conference Interpreters, AIIC, the world’s premier organization that has over 3,000 members in various language combinations.

Simultaneous interpretation involves use of special equipment, usually a soundproof booth, microphones, headsets, amplifiers, etc.

Consecutive interpretation exists in two configurations: short consecutive when one or several phrases are said by a speaker and then repeated by a conference interpreter in the target language, and long consecutive (suitable for more formal occasions) when passages are longer (up to 30 minutes) though the latter mode is used less often. professional conference interpreters, however, train to learn both and develop special note taking techniques to jot down the content of the original message.

Conference interpretation services are provided by the InterStar Translations agency for a variety of languages, including Russian, Spanish, Japanelanguagesse, Chinese, German.

We use AIIC guidelines and recommendations to be able to deliver the best quality for our clients. 

Our holistic approach allows to cover all the necessary aspects of the services including preparation, simultaneous interpretation equipment setup, and delivery of services.