Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental in San Francisco

Simultaneous interpretation equipment is a complex set of audiovisual equipment used at international conferences where simultaneous interpreters help delegates understand each other.


simultaneous interpretation receivers

Wireless receivers for simultaneous interpretation

Renting it is the best option, considering that you may not use it often, and it requires highly specialized skills to operate and dedicated training for audio technicians.

The difference between our agency and a regular AV company is that the technicians we use have thorough knowledge of simultaneous interpretation equipment and its operation.

The process to rent a set of simultaneous interpretation equipment in our San Francisco office is usually broken into the following stages:

We need to understand you needs: how many delegates in which languages will be listening to simultaneous interpretation, what the venue of the conference is, number of days, etc.

We will prepare an estimate for the rental and discuss with you our contract.


san franciso

Our agency is located in San Francisco, USA.

The rental equipment will be delivered and assembled by a technician before your conference.

Our technician will be present to monitor the rental simultaneous equipment performance and troubleshoot if needed.

After the conference the equipment will be disassembled and returned.
Rental simultaneous interpretation equipment usually includes:

– A booth for interpreters

– Interpreters console

Headsets and microphones for interpreters

– Simultaneous Interpretation and receivers for delegates

– Audio gear that connects all the pieces together

We can also provide rental conference microphones and PA systems for your conference room if the need them.

Our San Francisco agency also provides conference simultaneous interpreters in a variety of languages.

Rent from us today!


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