Russia: Cross-Cultural Consulting Services and Seminars

Russia cultural consultingInterStar Translations offers customized cross-cultural consulting seminars:


(Turning Cultural Barriers into Opportunities)



The Seminar concentrates on difference in culture, language and business mentality between Russia, Russian speaking countries and the United States.

The information is relevant for medium to top level management in companies already working with or planning to work with the region. Specific issues that arise in cross-cultural communication will be discussed, as well as strategies to manage Russian language speaking employees and to resolve possible misunderstanding.

The Seminar will include practical tips to management based on Presenter’s extensive experience of living in Russia and managing a large office of a US company in Moscow.


Format: Interactive Cross-cultural consulting seminar, Lecture format with Q&A and discussions


Duration: 1 day minimum (possible to expand up to 3 days depending on requirements)


Locations: Client Location, Worldwide


Target Audience: Senior management and Supervisor level


Number of Presenters: 1


Timetable: 10 am to 5 pm with lunch and coffee breaks.



Russian consultingThe program trainer is an experienced consultant in cross-cultural management and intercultural communication. She holds BA (English and French Languages and Literature) from Russia, Master’s degree (Russian-English Conference Interpretation) from Monterey, California, and Executive MBA from Antwerp, Belgium.

Her training services — executive coaching to individuals and companies — focus on cross-cultural integration, diverse teams and effective leadership, expatriate adjustment, and intercultural communication.

A native Russian, she acts as a cultural bridge and brings international experience and perspective through her life and work in Russia and the United States.

For the last 15 years she has been supporting NASA International Space Station Program as a liaison and advisor on the CIS region and a professional simultaneous interpreter. She was the first interpreter in the world to support astronauts during a spacewalk.

During her most recent 3-year tour in Moscow she acted as NASA Russian Operations Manager and Head of Representative and Branch offices for a US-based company. She also conducted a series of cross-cultural training seminars for foreign diplomatic corps in Russia.



PROPOSED LECTURE AND DISCUSSION TOPICS (may be modified and customized as needed)


  • Increase cross-cultural competence while doing business in Russia
  • Reduce misunderstandings and costly mistakes in intercultural settings
  • Achieve better performance due to enhanced international cooperation




•         Understand cultural foundations impacting Russian business culture and environment 

•         Better predict and understand the behaviors and expectations of the Russian counterparts

•         Bridge cultural gaps in management and social interactions

•         Establish credibility and trust

•         Improve communication and information exchange with Russians

•         Work with interpreters and make them your strongest asset in communication and negotiations

•         Successfully adjust to a new culture





Microphone and PA system depending on size of audience

Overhead projector

Whiteboard with erasable markers or large paper pad with markers

Laptop computer with MS Office (MS PowerPoint)

Bottled water



As determined by Client, 1 day minimum.


The speaker will travel the day before, spend a whole day on location and will depart the next day.


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