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5 Tips for Better Public Speaking

Public speaking is never easy – no one can claim he or she always feels comfortable in front of any audience. It is a skill, however, and like any skill it has to be honed, especially if your speech is interpreted into other languages. Here are a few tips from a professional speaker. 1) Remember […]

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How Interviewing Interpreters is Like Carrying Water in a Sieve!

In Greek mythology the Danaïdes – the fifty daughters of Danaus – were condemned to a meaningless task for their crimes: to carry water in a sieve. Attempting to interview language interpreters by clients may be equally futile, and here is why.

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10 Mistakes Conference Organizers Make When Hiring Interpreters!

  When we work with potential clients and conference organizers we sometimes see similar patterns. Not all event managers use simultaneous or consecutive interpreters regularly and using language services for the first time may seem daunting. Avoid these common pitfalls:    1) Under-appreciating the value that interpreters bring: The budget of a conference can run […]

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