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We Want Only One Interpreter: When OK and When Not.

  How many language simultaneous or consecutive interpreters should you have at your event? This request comes occasionally from clients: “we do not want two interpreters for our event, we always had one and this is how we want it this time. One interpreter means more consistent terminology, and, honestly, we do not have the […]

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public speaker

5 Tips for Better Public Speaking

Public speaking is never easy – no one can claim he or she always feels comfortable in front of any audience. It is a skill, however, and like any skill it has to be honed, especially if your speech is interpreted into other languages. Here are a few tips from a professional speaker. 1) Remember […]

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simultaneous interpretation receivers

“Full House Feed” – What It Is and Why Simultaneous Interpreters Need It.

Speaking the same language and using the same terminology will help negotiations and help sign contracts for translation and interpretation services faster. One of the terms that comes up is “full house” audio feed.   Usually it is not a good idea to bother clients of translation agencies with complex technical terminology, but – in […]

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