What information clients need to provide to receive an estimate for interpretation or translation services?

interpretation estimate

Receive an estimate for translation or interpretation services.

InterStar will require the following information to be able to prepare an estimate (all information is treated as confidential):


For translation services:


We will need to see the actual text to be able to make an estimate. If no text is available, we will need:


• Topic of the text

• Level of difficulty (general, technical, etc.)

• Audience for the document

• Languages (from/into)

• Deadline, is rush delivery required?

• Amount of words (we can calculate it for you as well if we have the document)

• Formatting (DTP) requirements

• Any other special requirements ?


For interpretation services:


• Dates

• Mode of interpretation: simultaneous, consecutive, escort, etc.

• Nature of assignment (conference, business talks, etc.)

• Topic(s)

• Languages (from/into)

• Traveling requirements (our interpreters travel domestically in the USA and internationally)

• Will there be any overtime? A standard work day is 6 work hours.

• Do you need simultaneous interpretation equipment? (can be provided at extra cost, a separate quote will be created. Additional information will be requested.)

• Any other special requirements?


All estimates assume that the final cost may be within +/- 20% of the estimate with given parameters.


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