Russian Consecutive Interpreters in USA

InterStar Translations is glad to offer professional Russian consecutive interpreters in the USA and worldwide.

consecutive interpreters usa Consecutive interpretation is the oldest form of professional interpreting. First professional interpreters were employed by Egyptian pharaohs, and the division between military and civilian interpreters existed already in Ancient Persia.

Consecutive interpreters use a special note taking technique to write down what you are saying and repeat it in the target language. This technique is not unique to Russian consecutive interpretation, however, in order to master it, formal interpreter education is required.   

Russian consecutive interpreters are provided by InterStar Translations in a variety of cities in the USA and worldwide, for example, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, Houston, Las Vegas.

We work with Russian consecutive and conference interpreters who travel extensively both in the United States and worldwide. They have professional degrees from major Russian and US translation and interpretation schools and are members of US and international interpreter organizations and associations.

We do not compromise on quality. Professional Russian consecutive interpretation is a difficult skill to master, and the number of interpreters who can do it well is limited.

Whether you need your Russian interpreter for a business event, a conference or a presentation, we will be happy to help.

Contact InterStar Translations now to receive an estimate on Russian consecutive interpretation services.    


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