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We Want Only One Interpreter: When OK and When Not.

  How many language simultaneous or consecutive interpreters should you have at your event? This request comes occasionally from clients: “we do not want two interpreters for our event, we always had one and this is how we want it this time. One interpreter means more consistent terminology, and, honestly, we do not have the […]

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early inventors of simultaneous interprtation

4 Most Important Persons in the Early History of Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation has long history. It was always there as whispering interpretation, when the interpreter is literally saying interpretation into your ear. But the XX century brought innovations and inventions that made the profession the way it is today. Here are 4 people at the inception of it all.

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do not forget post sign

Guidelines for Organizers, Participants and Chairs of Bilingual and Multilingual Meetings

These recommendations may help meeting organizers, chairpersons and participants to run bilingual and multilingual meetings more efficiently especially if you use interpreters.

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quality control language interpretation

Client Education: What is a “Certified Interpreter”?

Does it add any value to hire a “certified” interpreter to do simultaneous or consecutive interpretation at your conference? Translation agencies often offer “certified interpreters” for conferences where simultaneous interpretation is used. This term needs to be clarified to explain what exactly “certification” is. Here is our explanation.

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