City Profile: Conference Interpreters in Las Vegas

In 2013 over 39.5 million people visited Las Vegas. But not all of them are there just to try their luck and win. yay-13429206

Las Vegas is not only a city of casinos, it is a major conference venue. Annually, over 22,000 conventions are held in Las Vegas.

Given a variety of topics and the number of international visitors, professional language conference interpretation becomes of paramount importance.

Both simultaneous and consecutive conference interpreters may be needed to support a variety of conferences, seminars, and events in Las Vegas.

Consistent quality and internationally certified interpreters in a variety of languages for your conferences is what InterStar Translations offers in Las Vegas. yay-2515151

Our interpretation agency’s primary specialization is  conference interpretation, we offer interpreters in a variety of languages, where top notch professional interpreters are available: Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, German, French, Russian, being just a few.

Our agency does not compromise on quality and provides the best interpreters available in the United States, who are certified and have years of experience.

Teams of best interpreters may consist of conference interpreters who travel from all over the United States to your conference venue.  

Our interpreters are members of internationally recognized professional interpreter associations.

We firmly believe in quality and do not work with B list interpreters.

So our clients can expect only the best language interpreters in Las Vegas with many languages.