“Full House Feed” – What It Is and Why Simultaneous Interpreters Need It.

Speaking the same language and using the same terminology will help negotiations and help sign contracts for translation and interpretation services faster. One of the terms that comes up is “full house” audio feed.  

simultaneous interpretation receiversUsually it is not a good idea to bother clients of translation agencies with complex technical terminology, but – in this case – there is one term that may be very handy: full house audio feed.

Simultaneous interpretation is performed in a soundproof booth with headsets and microphones for interpreters. Simultaneous interpretation agencies usually provide interpretation booths, microphones and headsets for interpreters, receivers for delegates and an audio technician to run the system.   

Audio i.e. a PA system and microphones for delegates may or may not be provided by the agency. If they are not provided, it is the venue where the conference is had that usually provides them, for example, a hotel conference facility.

simultaneous interpretation equipmentInterpreters in the simultaneous interpretation booths need to hear all that is heard for everyone’s consumption. All podium, tabletop, and other microphones need to be ties together and fed into the interpreters’ booths.

Remember that what was not said into a microphone cannot be interpreted!

Same is true for all audio sources: video projectors, presenters’ laptops, etc.

Video projectors must feed soundtrack directly into the interpreters headsets and not through microphones in the room.

By the same token, conference organizers must make sure that there is a dedicated connection to feed the audio from presenters’ laptops into the PA system as well.

All these audio streams combined are called “full house feed” and interpreters absolutely need it to be able to provide simultaneous interpretation.       

Making sure that simultaneous interpreters have all the audio they need is an important part of conference preparation by any conference organizer or a production company!