Chapter 3 – Breathing and Speaking Volume


dragons-breathDiaphragmatic Breathing Exercise

Supporting your voice with correct breath is very important for language interpretation and voice work. Here are a few exercises that may help you to develop proper vocal qualities. 



Chapter 3, Exercise 4

Exhaling too much air will make your voice lose volume, projection, resonance, and vibrancy.


Note that in the booth, in a situation of cognitive overload, a student may simply “forget” to breathe or may exhale too much air due to stress or hold his or her breath especially during difficult passages in the source language. Breathing rhythm also becomes uneven. You should pay conscious attention to your breath and its rhythm in the booth. Use your breathing as a natural metronome and create the sensation of calm, predictability and of reliable interpretation in your listeners.      


Diaphragm Strengthening Exercise




Resonance Building Exercise





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