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voice training seminarsThis is a page with information about seminars and events conducted by Cyril Flerov, AIIC, TAALS, a conference interpreter and interpretation trainer. Latest updates are at the top of the list.





December 10, 2016: Seminar in Los Angeles: Voice Training and Strategies in Simultaneous Interpreting


6 CIMCE and 6 ATA CE approved!
The workshop is in English and is language neutral.

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December 3, 2016: Seminar on Voice Training for Interpreters in Washington DC


TAALS and AIIC member Cyril Flerov will present his seminar “The Voice of the Interpreter” in Washington DC on December 3 2016, Saturday, 9 am – 12 pm. The workshop will be presented in English and is not language specific. It is sponsored by TAALS – The American Association of Language Specialists.  

It will cover the basics of voice work as needed by conference interpreters.

Richly illustrated with audio examples, it will present various techniques to develop professional voice qualities, common issues interpreters have with voice and ways to resolve them, using computer software to work on voice, and voice care.

Cyril Flerov is a co-author of “Improving the Interpreter’s Voice”, a new book on voice training for interpreters.

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