Book’s Table of Contents

Improving the Interpreter’s Voice

by Cyril Flerov and Michael Jacobs



  1. podium microphoneIntroduction: Interpreter’s Voice
  2. Working Hypothesis: Do All Professional Interpreters Speak in a Similar Way?
  3. Vocal Range and Fundamental Frequency
  4. Intonation Patterns and Nuclear Tones
  5. Breathing and Speaking Volume
  6. Resonance and Projection
  7. Denasalizing the Interpreter in 2 Simple Steps
  8. Rhythm and Pauses
  9. Accent in Language Interpretation
  10. Articulation and Pronunciation
  11. Mental Preparedness, Meditation, and Stress Reduction
  12. It is All about Emotions. Is it?
  13. Your Vocal Day
  14. Bringing It All Together
  15. Conclusion
  16. Abbreviations, Terms, and Acronyms Used in the Book
  17. Resources
  18. Table of Contents




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