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Client Education: What is a “Certified Interpreter”?

Does it add any value to hire a “certified” interpreter to do simultaneous or consecutive interpretation at your conference? Translation agencies often offer “certified interpreters” for conferences where simultaneous interpretation is used. This term needs to be clarified to explain what exactly “certification” is. Here is our explanation. Read more on: consecutive interpretation services.. 

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What is "best value"?

Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (“LPTA”) and Language Interpretation Services

Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (“LPTA”) is a method used by some clients to formally evaluate proposals for professional interpretation services. While it is a valid method to choose a supplier, a caveat needs to be made about how the technique is to be applied for conference simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services to get best value. […]

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las vegas conference interpreters

City Profile: Conference Interpreters in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a major conference venue, where many conference simultaneous and consecutive conference interpreters are required. Read more on: submit simultaneous interpretation request form.. 

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faq language interpretation

What Kind of Language Interpreter is the Worst?

What kind of language simultaneous and consecutive interpreter is the best? This is the question that is often asked. But what kind is the worst and needs to be avoided? Read our thoughts and tips here. Read more on: what a certified interpreter is. . 

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consecutive interpreters usa

Training Seminar “How to Work Effectively with Language Interpreters.”

As a client of language interpretation services, you should be aware how to use your consecutive or simultaneous interpreters most efficiently. We offer an educational seminar on how to work with interpreters. Read more on: our Russian cross cultural consulting services. 

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simultanous interpretation how

Client Provided Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment (based on AIIC recommendations and common practices).

It is not uncommon for the client to provide simultaneous interpretation equipment. Quality of interpretation equipment is critically important for quality of interpretation, therefore, both interpretation agencies and interpreters should make very clear to the client what constitutes good equipment and how the equipment is to be set up and used professionally. Sometimes, audiovisual companies […]

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