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Guidelines for Organizers, Participants and Chairs of Bilingual and Multilingual Meetings

These recommendations may help meeting organizers, chairpersons and participants to run bilingual and multilingual meetings more efficiently especially if you use interpreters. Read more on: how to do simultaneous interpretation. 

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translation due diligence

Due Diligence When Hiring a Conference Interpretation Provider

It is only natural, that clients need to use due diligence when they hire an interpreter or a translator for a project. There are many options on the market and – not being a professional interpreter or translator – it may be difficult for a conference organizer to make a good choice. Read more on: […]

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All about Simultaneous Interpretation – FAQ

Why add another simultaneous interpretation FAQ online? Because this one is written from the perspective of an actual simultaneous interpreter! Read more on: simultaneous interpretation equipment. 

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simultaneous interpretaion strategies

Continuing Education Seminars for Language Interpreters

InterStar Translations offers continuing education seminars for simultaneous and consecutive interpreters by Cyril Flerov, Russian conference interpreter, AIIC, TAALS. Read more on: what information clients need to provide for an estimate. . 

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quality control language interpretation

Client Education: What is a “Certified Interpreter”?

Does it add any value to hire a “certified” interpreter to do simultaneous or consecutive interpretation at your conference? Translation agencies often offer “certified interpreters” for conferences where simultaneous interpretation is used. This term needs to be clarified to explain what exactly “certification” is. Here is our explanation. Read more on: consecutive interpretation services.. 

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What is "best value"?

Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (“LPTA”) and Language Interpretation Services

Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (“LPTA”) is a method used by some clients to formally evaluate proposals for professional interpretation services. While it is a valid method to choose a supplier, a caveat needs to be made about how the technique is to be applied for conference simultaneous and consecutive interpretation services to get best value. […]

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